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Perfect for Bachelor Parties, "Me Time", Father's Day and Creepy Family Gatherings.

We ship everywhere!

Where do you ship?

Hey Assholes! Isn't this sexist/misogynistic/

Well, some people like to think we are. In fact we've been printing male and female faces from day one (we're just having trouble actually getting them out at the same time). We don't intend Spankrags to be insulting or offensive to any sex. We DO intend it to be funny, rude, shocking, erotic and confusing, but we have no intention of insulting or degrading anyone. Also, we love all women, men, everyone in between, most animals and the more impressive plants.

Who the hell should I buy these for?

Well, that depends on who you are. Maybe you're a friend who's got a friend's birthday or Bachelor party coming up, maybe you're a girlfriend wanting to give your boyfriend something that will surprise him, hell, maybe you're a son getting it for your Dad on fathers day!

I just got a box of Spankrags. Now what?

Take one out, or maybe two if you're feeling bold, turn on your favourite song, loud as it will go and let the romance begin.

What are the health benefits of using Spankrags?

Daily use of Spankrags has loads of benefits. It improves immunity, prevents cancer, helps you last longer in bed, improves your mood and much more!  Don't believe us? Check this out: 

Prefer Men?

Why should men's faces stay all nice n' dry?!
Spankrags with handsome men printed on them are on their way!

Be the first to know when they're ready.

Got a question? Want to become a distributer? Want to collaborate? Email us at office AT spankrags DOT COM

The famous wank tissues.

Spankrags are a box of tissues with 10 beautiful faces printed on them.

What do I get?

Here's what's in the box:

10 different girls on 10 tissues
+ full colour printed
+ extra large (1:1 face size ratio)
=  the perfect gift for any guy!

Get a Box of Spankrags

"No really, they exist "

Still need more convincing?

We live in a world with too much choice.

The internet allows us to waste hours masturbating, clicking between dozens of tabs to find something just right. Spankrags takes us back to a simpler time, when we could just rub one out and get back to work.

Get a Box of Spankrags

10 Faces in Every Box

Alexa, 19
from Germany

Kate, 22
from England

Narcisa, 27
from Romania

Sarah, 26
from Canada

Come and meet…

…and 6 more of their girlfriends from all over the world! (sort of!)

Get a Box of Spankrags

Ok, well 10 countries is almost the whole world right?

Give the perfect gift!

Get a Box of Spankrags (USA ONLY)Get Spankrags now in our Online-Store!

Frequently Asked Questions

"A fantastic and absurd idea!"
- VICE magazine

Winner of Venus Award 2014
"Best Innovation"

As seen... everywhere!

"...Either a Revolution for Male Masturbation or just an especially fucked up joke-product. "
- Lisa Ludwig, VICE Magazine
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"[Spankrags] has been turning heads since it was revealed at the Venus sex fair in October."
- Connor Toole, Elite Daily
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Coming from Germany or the UK?
Get a Box from Amazon Faster!
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Coming February 2015!


"For thousands of years men have been trying to get off without making a mess... Luckily a new company's made wiping up bodily fluids a lot more...something. "
- Joseph Misulonas, Playboy
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"Spankrags: The Next Evolution In Masturbation Cleanup!."

"Best inappropriate gift ever!!!"
- comment on imgur

"That's actually pretty hilarious, there are clever people in this world"
- imgur comment
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"I've never purchased something so fast."

"That's... actually pretty brilliant."

"Why didn't I think of this!?"

"So simple yet... so genius."
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"So simple yet... so genius."
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